Yes I Plan to Own the Scott Pilgrim Plushies

Yes I fully intend to get these.  Yes I’m totally ashamed of myself.  Yes I will get them anyway.

Coming somewhere between July and August are the Scott Pilgrim plush figures, which I have to say look pretty nice.  I mean, they could have been worse.  The only problem I find is that I will now get swept into wanting to get all of the Scott Pilgrim merchandise that comes out.  And following that, the only problem is that with a franchise like Scott Pilgrim, some God-forsaken store chain will grab a hold of it and “Nightmare Before Christmas” the life out of it until everyone and their whorish mother has something with Scott Pilgrim on it.

Besides all I really want is the Scott Pilgrim heart t-shirt.  That’s all.  Probably.  No!  Wait.  I also want action figures.  Yes action figures.  Of the comic, not of the movie.  That should probably be all.  I think.  Regardless, these plushies will be available soon.  I’m not sure if it’s just Scott and Ramona yet.  I’m sure there will be enough people who badly want a Kim Pine plush.  That and Wallace.  When you look into it, it’s amazing how big a fan base those characters personally have.  To the point where either could probably maintain their own comic and have it do well.

The plush figures will be released by Mezco and will be God-damn adorable.  So just brace yourselves.  Stay strong.

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