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Will Ya OUYA?

Cue the latest Kickstarter success story. OUYA is/will be an open source console running on Android 4.0 (you can find the rest of the technical specs on their Kickstarter page here). It will be $99, allow anyone to publish games on it, encourages hacking, and is hoping to release around March 2013. The founders of OUYA were asking for 950K to finance their project. They met that goal within 8 hours of their campaign and now after 24 hours have over 2.1 million. Are people that hungry to play mobile and freeware style games on their TVs (all OUYA games will be free to play, or at least free to try)?

I’m curious as someone that’s generally interested in video games, but as someone that uses a large television as a PC monitor and plays a lot of smaller games via XBL Indie games and Playstation Plus I don’t know if there’s a use for this for people like me. For instance Cannabalt is one of the games they mention being able to play on your TV, I’ve already played Cannbalt on my TV through PS Plus.

We’ll have to wait and see what kind of games are going to be made available for this console. Only time will tell.

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