Wolverine #310 Review

You know that old saying, “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover”? Wolverine #310 is just that: an amazing looking cover (I have 2 posters of the cover) and a mediocre-to-boring book. The concept idea of this story is pretty cool: Sabretooth is back from the dead, and Wolverine is trying to figure out how. However, what we’re fed is a truly boring story.


I’m, admittedly, a Wolverine fan/apologist. While the character has been spread thin around the Marvel Universe, I feel there’s a reason for this; he’s a morality-filled anti-hero. With him being spread to the 9 hells, it should also mean that his self-titled book is good, but it’s not, and it hasn’t been. I recently purchased the Wolverine Omnibus (Jason Aaron’s run), and it’s unfortunate that we might never see this character be that interesting again. At least, not in his own story.


If Wolverine is going to continue having his own book, they need a new writer. Jeph Loeb is not providing the entertainment of a story that could be intriguing. IT’S HIS ARCH-ENEMY, RISEN FROM THE DEAD FOR GOD’S SAKE. How can you mess that up? Oh yeah, include a boring side plot, and make the main story something that seems too familiar. The end of the most recent Dr. Rot arc was interesting because it showed that Wolverine was both able to heal his body and mind with his healing factor. This comic showed little about the character.


Final verdict: Buy this book for the art, not the story. Bianchi’s art is excellent, which makes this book tolerable. If you’re more interested in plot, however, skip it. Boooooooring.

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