When Titans Pimp-Slap

Kick-Ass is a movie about a guy named Dave Lizewski who’s maybe just crazy enough to attempt being a superhero. After he and his friends get mugged so many times, but mostly because he’s bored with his life, Dave decides to give being a superhero a try. He buys a weird looking wetsuit and mask and starts walking around town in costume trying to get the hang of it. The first time he actually tries to intervene in a crime he gets stabbed and then hit by a passing car.

The stabbing/accident gives him nerve damage, which dulls his ability to feel pain, and way more metal plates in his body than the one he had in his head in the comic. After a while he sets out as Kick Ass again. The next time he encounters a crime he ends up saving a guy from getting beaten to death in a parking lot while an onlooker films the whole thing. That’s the part when he yells “I’m Kick-Ass”. The video gets posted on Youtube and he becomes an internet sensation.

While all of this is happening a father/daughter duo, who actually know how to kick ass, are taking out the local mob boss Frank D’Amico’s guys and stealing his drugs/money. Once Kick-Ass gets on the news, D’Amico’s right hand man convinces him that Kick-Ass is most likely the guy that has been taking their people out. And I won’t spoil anything after that.


  • A lot of things are different in this movie than in the comic book version. I was really hesitant to even see this because I thought it was just going to be the exact same thing that I read, but that’s definitely not the case. The mob boss’ name isn’t even the same in the movie. They changed a lot of stuff.
  • Hit Girl is still great. I’d also even say that she’s a much better character onscreen and you get a lot more out of the father/daughter relationship between her and Big Daddy.
  • Unlike in the comic, Big Daddy is actually pretty awesome. He’s not just some guy you hear did something or who knows weird facts about guns, you actually see him destroying some of D’Amico’s henchmen.
  • One of the things they changed that I want to highlight was how in the comic whenever Kick-Ass encountered someone doing anything wrong (the guys that stabbed him, the guys who beat up the guy in the parking lot, even the kids in the end that try to shake down Hit Girl) were all non-white characters. Mark Millar has been accused of his comics being somewhat racist in that sense before, and thankfully the screenwriters changed the race of some of those characters in the movie.
  • It’s better than the comic book. It fixes most of the weird story quirks that wouldn’t really make sense in the real world. It also tells a better story without the off-putting twists the comic presented.


  • It fixes most things except for the ending. The ending to the movie is way more ridiculous than the ending to the comic. And the ending to the comic wasn’t that great.
  • Kick-Ass still has a really lame back-story and motivation. Unfortunately that wasn’t changed.

This movie surprised me. I liked the Kick-Ass comic, but I didn’t love it, and because of that I wasn’t really excited to see the movie. Screenwriters Matthew Vaughn(who also directed) and Jane Goldman did a great job taking Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass and improving it while still keeping it something mass audiences would enjoy. This is one of the few, if not the only, movie that’s better than the comic it’s adapted from. I don’t think it deserves to be listed as one of the 250 best movies ever on IMDB like it is (I searched it to find out how to spell Vaughn’s name), but it’s a good movie.

(in case anyone is curious the title of this review is the same title as issue #8 of Kick-Ass. I didn’t just make up some crazy title myself)

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