What’s Good on the TV – Sunday October 21st, 2012

It’s Sunday, and there is a lot of stuff on.

8:00 – Once Upon a Time – “The Crocodile” – A fed-up Belle threatens to leave Mr. Gold, and then she encounters someone from her past. Meanwhile, the dwarfs mine for fairy dust; and, back in fairy-tale land, Rumplestiltskin tries to prevent his wife from being taken by a gang of ruthless pirates. ABC

9:00 – Boardwalk Empire – “Ging Gang Goolie” – Nucky finds himself in a pickle in Washington, D.C., thanks to Harry Daugherty, but seeks an unlikely lifeline in Esther Randolph, and later mulls a proposition from Gaston Means. HBO

9:00 – Dexter – “Run” - Despite apprehending a killer, problems plague Miami Metro and Debra feels the brunt of it. To help his sister, Dexter undertakes a risky game of cat and mouse, and Ukrainian mobsters step up their retaliatory efforts. Showtime

9:00 – The Walking Dead – “Sick” - Traumatic events leave a life hanging in the balance, while the survivors deal with a new threat. AMC

10:00 – Copper – “A Vast and Fiendish Plot” - Corcoran joins forces with Morehouse, Eva and the coppers of the 6th Precinct when a large-scale fight breaks out. BBC America

10:00 – Homeland – “New Car Smell” - Estes green-lights a covert mission based on intelligence gleaned from Beirut, and picks his own trusted operative to lead it; and Brody is shocked to bump into Carrie at Langley. Showtime

10:00 – Treme – “I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say” - A visit from Annie’s parents at Christmas coincides with news of her record deal, but it takes more than that to sell her mother on her new musical direction. HBO

12:00 – Robot Chicken – “Disemboweled By An Orphan” - Your quick stop-motion comedy fix. Adult Swim

12:15 – Superjail! – “Stickydischarge” - An inmate is up for parole. Adult Swim

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