Weekly Wrap-Up 5/31/10 – 6/6/10

Last week was quite busy. Here are all the posts in one convenient place.


Video of the Week!! – Cyrus –  Last week’s video was a trailer for the upcoming film Cyrus, starring John C. Reilly and Jonah Hill.

Music Monday – Interpol –  The embedded music player is now dead, but you should still check out Interpol’s album Turn on the Bright Lights.


Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World – Trailer Time –  The second, super-awesome trailer for Edgar Wright’s film version of the beloved comic.

Lala is Officially Dead – Apple bought and then killed Lala. WWDC is later today, maybe they’ll announce it was all just a joke.

DVD /Blu-Ray – June 1st, 2010 –  There was a decent selection of movies and shows last week. Check them out.

New Game Day – June 1st, 2010 –  Espionage and American Football.

Michael Bay Style – Ruining Things Harder –  Some girl got a role in Transformers 3 by auditioning in lingerie. Also, Michael Bay wants to blow up the Ninja Turtles.

Fables Gets Some TV Love – BBC America started airing a commercial for Vertigo’s Fables. Check the video out.

How to Destroy Angels – Self Titled EP – Review of the free to download first EP by Trent Reznor’s latest project.

Read These, Burn the Rest – June 3rd, 2010 –  The comics released last Thursday that you should probably be reading.


In The Best Toy News of the Day – Mez-Itz –  Mezco toys announced a deal with Warner Bros. to make vinyl DC Comics figures.  Check post for picture examples of some of their other work.

First Pictures of AMC’s Walking Dead – Shots of the make-up work for the zombies.

Harry Potter in Gears of Wizardry – First trailer for the video game version of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

News Flash: We Could Get a Spider-Man Who’s… Actually Funny – Donald Glover should be Spider-Man. Read it to see why.

This is Captain America! – Concept art for Captain America’s costume in the yet-to-be-made Captain America film.

Lion-OH DAMN – Cartoon Network is bringing Thundercats back with a new show.

Music Video of the Week!! – Massive Attack – Music video for “Psyche” off of their album Heligoland.

WOW, AT&T is Blowing It – AT&T got rid of their unlimited data plan for new customers. Yes, that includes people who only want to use an iPad.


Browser Speed Tests – Opera Vs. Chrome –  Videos of the speed tests for both of the browsers. They’re both cool videos, but one is much funnier.

Red Hood: The Lost Days – Preview of issue #1 of Red Hood: The Lost Days; as well as a look at the upcoming release of the Under the Red Hood animated movie.

First Five Minutes of Get Him to the Greek – The title’s self-explanatory. Check this out to watch the first five minutes if you haven’t seen it yet. The red band trailer is there as well.

Creating Synthetic Life Premieres Tonight – There was a special on Science Channel Thursday night about the first team to synthetically create a self-replicating cell.

Frank Miller’s Xerxes – The first image of, and a little info on, Miller’s upcoming graphic novel.

Coolest Backpack Ever? – Ghostbusters Proton Pack backpack, check it out.

Killzone 3 – Trailer Time –  First teaser trailer for Killzone 3.

DC Universe Online Coming November – The release date has been announced. Check the post for videos.


How Much Fun Does This Look? – The A-Team –  Five clips from The A-Team. Watch them if you can’t wait until Friday.

This Week in Spam – Episode 6 –  10 of the best spam comments from the previous 4 weeks.

Strong Punch to the Cineplexus – Get Him to the Greek, Splice, etc. –  The movies that opened last Friday that could be worth the ticket price.

HTC Evo 4G – Review Roundup –  A bunch of reviews of the phone from various sites. There’s a video from cnet that shows it off as well.

Boo Amazon.com, Boo – Life – Amazon has been pricing the David Attenborough version of the Life Blu-Ray higher than the Oprah version.

Laughable Man, HA! – Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock –  The first teaser trailer and 35 of the announced tracks.

Yes I Plan to Own the Scott Pilgrim Plushies – Dillon expresses his love for these plush figures.

Webcomic of the Week – VG Cats –  It’s a webcomic…about video game cats.

Sci-Friday – Through the Wormhole – Most of the shows that are listed haven’t aired yet, so get to reading.


Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Trailer Time –  One of the best trailers so far this year . Sadly, there is no gameplay in it though.

Get Yourself to the Movie Theater… – Andrew’s review of Get Him to the Greek.


First Clip of Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World – Just as the title says. Click the link to check it out.

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