Weekly Wrap-Up 6/28/10 – 7/4/10

Here are all the links to last week’s posts


The Facebook Movie is Facebook Serious, Facebook Official, etc. – The first trailer from The Social Network.

Video of the Week!! – Crackdown 2 – The launch trailer

The Flash #3 -Preview

80’s & Today Mash-ups – Nerd Shirt of the Day – Avatar Smurfs and Smoke Monster busting

DC Comics Goes Digital – Now DC titles are available on the iPad and PSP.

Music Monday – Grizzly Bear – Last week’s album was Yellow House.


DVD /Blu-Raid – June 29th, 2010 –  Last week’s disc releases.

Conan the Barbarian: The Musical –  If you watch one musical parody all week, make it this.

New Game Day – June 29th, 2010 –  Last week’s new games.

Hey, Playstation Plus is Available – PS Plus can be purchased now.

Harry Potter and the Part One of Deux – The trailer for the first half of the last Harry Potter movie.

Rango – First Trailer

Movie Favorites – Nerd Shirt of the Day –  The Big Lebowski and Star Wars.

It’s All a Dream Now –  The World Cup didn’t turn out like Nike hoped.

Marvel Zombies 5 #4 – Preview


You Can Own a Tron Lightcycle – You can buy a street legal version of a Tron Lightcycle

Thor #611 – Preview

No, It’s Not Beast – It’s Blanka

Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special #1 – Preview

Read These, Burn the Rest – June 30th, 2010 – Last week’s comics you should check out.

My Jealousy Towards the McNinja Scouts – Potomac Boy Scouts are getting McNinja patches.

I Heard You are Hiring in the Mail Room – Wonder Woman’s new costume

Poison Apple – Nerd Shirt of the Day –  The Flash eats some bad fruit


Ninokuni Looks Outstanding – Trailer for the Studio Ghibli/ Level 5 game.

What Would You Do for a Flying Car? – It Looks more like a plane.


Here’s Your New Spider-Man – Andrew Garfield is the new Spider-Man

Possibly the Coolest Hoodie Ever – Nerd (Shirt) of the Day – A Dr. Who hoodie.


Weekend Wonderer – Back to the Future & Something Appropriate

Strong Punch to the Cineplexus – The Last Airbender or Stay Home –  The sofa sounds pretty good.

LEGO Futurama Awesomeness – Someone made LEGO New New York.


Webcomic of the Week – Weapon Brown

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