Weekly Wrap-Up 5/10/10 – 5/16/10

If you missed anything, or are looking to catch up, here’s all the posts from the past week in one place.


Video of the Week!! – Red Dead Redemption – Last week’s video was an older trailer for the upcoming open-world western game Red Dead Redemption. This post also includes a trailer for the racing title Split/Second.

Music Monday – The White Stripes – The album last week was The White Stripes excellent Elephant.

A New Challenger Has Arrived – It’s a review of Super Street Fighter IV!

Little Big Planet 2 – Trailer Time –  The debut trailer for LBP2.

DVD /Blu-Raid – May 11th, 2010 –  There was a nice and varied line-up of disc releases last week.

Bicycle Kick Those Carnivorous Fish – Review of the low budget action/horror/ comedy Mega Piranha.


New Game Day – May 11th, 2010 –  There were a few good games that came out last week. Check them out.

Backbreaker – The Madden Breaker? –  Developer diaries for Natural Motion’s upcoming football sim.

Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma –  Review of Flying Lotus’ new album. This is an album you should really hear.


Sonic the Hedgehog 4 – Gameplay Time –  What was a 10-minute long gameplay clip from the upcoming Sonic 4. But, SEGA hates free publicity, so they had it taken down.

Read These, Burn the Rest – May 12th, 2010 –  Last week’s comics that you should read.

Music Video of the Week!! – Yeasayer –  A live video for their song “2080” off of their last album All Hour Cymbals.

Super 8 – Trailer Time –  The first teaser trailer for JJ Abrams Super 8.

Deftones – Diamond Eyes – Review of the album by the longtime and well known California rock band.

He Might Just Hate Everything – Review of the graphic novel “Wilson” by Daniel Clowes.


When Titans Pimp Slap – Review of the movie adaptation to Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass comic series.

Red Dead Redemption – Trailer Time –  The launch trailer for Red Dead Redemption. Check it out.

Splice – TV Spot Extravaganza –  Three recent TV spots for upcoming biological thriller Splice.

People We Admire – Dave Grohl –  Grohl becomes the first musician to be featured.


Strong Punch to the Cineplexus – Robin Hood –  Russell Crowe’s turn as Robin Hood is really the only movie worth checking out from last week.

Sci-Friday – Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure –  The awesome 80’s stoner movie disguised as a kid-friendly movie that just so happens to have sci-fi elements got featured last Friday. Wyld Stallyns!


NBC Canceling a Show People Loved and a Show People Loved to Hate – Say “bye-bye” to Law & Order and Heroes.

Weekend Wonderer – Halo & Just Cause 2 –  Halo multiplayer was open to Xbox 360 owners without a gold subscription this weekend. And you can expect that Just Cause 2 review soon.

Lionheart vs. Street Fighter II – Someone made a video with the fights from Lionheart with Street Fighter sound effects.


Webcomic of the Week – Badass Muthas! –  An interesting webcomic you should check out.

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