Weekly Wrap-Up 5/24/10 – 5/30/10

We got back to form last week(for the most part), so here are all the posts from last week in one convenient list.


Video of the Week!! – Alpha Protocol – I had a really fun/rough previous weekend, so I posted Video of the Week on Tuesday. This was also the first time in a while where it was only one video.  Oh yeah, it was a trailer for upcoming game Alpha Protocol.

Music Monday – Film School – The first album to be featured in the week that could be the final week for Music Monday was Film School’s album Hideout.

DVD /Blu-Raid – May 25th, 2010 –  The DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s worth giving a look from last week. Some depressing post-apocalyptic, some childhood crime solving as adults, and a whole lot of vampires in the south.

New Game Day – May 25th, 2010 –  The games released last Tuesday. A couple powered-up racers and a UFC game.

Music Monday – Radiohead –  The Tuesday special edition of Music Monday was Radiohead’s album Kid A.


Music Video of the Week!! – How to Destroy Angels –  Video for “The Space In Between”. Fire.

Read These, Burn the Rest – May 26th, 2010 –  The comics you need to read. Applaud Dillon for formatting this and posting it by himself.

Blur – Trailer Time, Part 2 –  The launch trailer for Blur and that funny TV spot that makes fun of Mario Kart.


People We Admire – Alex Garland –  A thorough explanation of why Alex Garland is a great writer.

The Doctor Who Theme – Electro Harmonix Style –  If you like Effects pedals or Doctor Who you’ll love this video.

Kane & Lynch 2 – Multiplayer Modes –  Four recent videos detailing the multiplayer modes in the upcoming game.

Strong Punch to the Cineplexus – Prince of Persia & Survival of the Dead –  The two movies ‘worth’ seeing this past weekend.

You’re Going to Watch This, Right? – Red Dead Redemption –  Trailer for the short film version of Red Dead Redemption that aired on Fox Saturday night.

Music Monday – Burial –  The late Wednesday special edition of Music Monday was Burial’s album Untrue.

Sci-Friday – Robocop – A little info on Robocop, this past Saturday’s Doctor Who marathon, and the re-running of the Lost series finale.


How to Destroy Angels Giving Away EP – If you “pre-order” the How to Destroy Angels EP for free it’ll be delivered to your e-mail inbox June 1st. The pre-order box is in the post.

Music Monday – Amon Tobin –  Thursday’s special edition of Music Monday, yes on Saturday, was Amon Tobin’s album Chaos Theory. The soundtrack to video game Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

Kicking the Prince and Stealing His Persia – Andrew reviewed the new big screen video game adaptation.

Webcomic of the Week – The Oatmeal – The site with purchasable charts and guides to live your life was Dillon’s pick last week.


Music Monday – Mastodon – Friday’s special edition of Music Monday was Mastodon’s Blood Mountain.

Music Monday – Primal Scream –  Saturday’s edition of Music Monday was Primal Scream’s album Evil Heat

Jonah Hex – Trailer Time, Part 2 –  The second trailer for the film Jonah Hex starring Josh Brolin and Megan Fox.

Hey, Check This Out! – Hoverboard – A French artist designed a replica of the hoverboard in Back to the Future II .

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