Weekly Wrap-Up 4/12/10 – 4/18/10

Missed some posts from last week? Well, here’s the list you need to read.


Video of the Week!! – A Nightmare on Elm Street – Last week’s video of the week was a super creepy trailer for A Nightmare on Elm Street as well as a trailer for vigilante thriller Harry Brown.

Music Monday – Hot Snakes –  Last Monday’s album was Suicide Invoice by Hot Snakes. Embedded player of the album is in the post.

Nice Nice – Extra Wow – Review of the great Warp debut by this hard to peg band.

DVD /Blu-Raid April 13th, 2010 –  The few movies released last week that we recommended checking out.


New Game Day – April 13th, 2010 –  The new game and former console exclusive DLC you should check out.

Gears of War 3 – Trailer Time –  The brand new teaser trailer for just announced Gears of War 3

Spider-Man to Become One of the X-Men – All of Marvel’s characters are going to be X-Men eventually

Conan…On TBS? – It’s as simple as it sounds.

Godspeed Returning – Godspeed You! Black Emperor announced they will be touring again sometime this year.

Star Wars Uncut is Coming to a Galaxy Very Very Close – There are some videos here, including the trailer to Star Wars Uncut, that no fan should miss.

More Elbows and Elephants – Thai trailer for Ong Bak 3.

The Other Guys – Trailer Time –  Will Ferrell could be funny again. Well, let’s hope so.


Read These, Burn the Rest – April 14th, 2010 –  The comics released last Wednesday that you should read.

Music Video of the Week!! – Future of the Left, Part 2 –  Music video for “Arming Eritrea”.

Kevin Pollak’s Vamped Out – Press release and first episode of the vampire comedy.

Action Movie Fans Rejoice – The inaugural ActionFest was held this weekend. I’m bummed I couldn’t go.  Watch the trailers for some of the best movies that were there here.


Pitch Sized Reviews – She’s Out of My League – A 25 word review of said movie.

Kratos is Pissed, Of Course – Review of the first issue of the God of War comic.

I’m a Replic…Electric Ant? – Review of the first issue of Electric Ant.

People We Admire – Patton Oswalt –  Another one of our favorite nerds.


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Beat the Devil’s Tattoo – A review of BRMC’s fifth studio album.

A Team of Deadpools – Review of the first issue of Deadpool Corps. Well, the first ‘official’ issue anyway.

Sci-Friday – Doctor Who – There’s a new Doctor that premiered Saturday and it’s our pick for Sci-Friday.

The Living Sisters – Love to Live – Review of the debut album.


The Fangs of New York – Review of the first issue of Turf, which surprised me by easily being the best comic I read last week.

Weekend Wonderer – Terminator Franchise –  Fill that weekend time with Terminator.


Webcomic of the Week – Three Panel Soul –  Dillon once again shows you a free way to get your comic fix.

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