Weekend Wonderer – L.A. Noire Preparation

It’s Sunday evening, which is a little late for a weekend wonderer, but you can still use tomorrow to accomplish this one. The highly anticipated video game┬áL.A. Noire is going to be released this coming Tuesday. In order to prepare for that watch these LA crime films, and listen to some songs from the soundtrack.


This takes place in LA in 1937 predating the events in LA Noire

A private detective investigating an adultery case stumbles on to a scheme of murder that has something to do with water. – Rottentomatoes.com


The Black Dahlia

I’ve never seen this, but apparently the game is based within the same time frame as these famous murders.

A tale of obsession, love, corruption, greed and depravity that revolves around a true story of the brutal murder of a fledgling Hollywood starlet that shocked and fascinated the nation in 1947 and remains unsolved today. Two ex-pugilist cops, Lee Blanchard and Bucky Bleichert, are called to investigate the homicide of ambitious silver-screen B-lister Betty Ann Short — aka ‘The Black Dahlia’ — an attack so grisly that images of the killing were kept from the public. While Blanchard’s growing preoccupation with the sensational murder threatens his marriage to Kay, his partner, Bleichert, finds himself attracted to the enigmatic Madeleine Linscott, the daughter of one of the city’s most prominent families — who just happens to have an unsavory connection to the murder victim. – Rottentomatoes.com

L.A. Confidential

I remember this being a great film. It takes place in the 50’s (after LA Noire), but it’s LA crime, check it out.

Curtis Hanson’s adaptation of the James Ellroy best-seller is that rarest of modern Hollywood creations, a crime drama with the brains, sex appeal, humor, danger and action to satisfy all tastes. The best film about Los Angeles since “Chinatown.” – Rottentomatoes.com


This is another one that I’ve never actually seen. It’s a murder mystery in LA in the 50’s

A uniquely compelling exploration of fame and identity. The drama, inspired by one of Hollywood’s most infamous real-life mysteries, follows a 1950s private detective who, investigating the mysterious death of “Superman” star George Reeves, uncovers unexpected connections to his own life as the case turns more personal. The torrid affair Reeves had with the wife of a studio executive might hold the key to the truth. – Rottentomatoes.com


If watching those movies doesn’t sound like a good plan to you, than maybe you’d be interested in these songs from the LA Noire soundtrack.

L.A. Noire: Remixed by RockstarGames

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