This Week in Spam – Episode 13

There’s been some really good spam comments in our spam filter. Some of them were actually about the posts, but the name gave them away as spam. There’s one that I wish wasn’t spam, because it’s actually kind of beautiful in an incredible nerdy way.

# 9

Remarkable internet site & writing skills. You my friend have Technique!

# 8

Where can i learn how to tre flip and do skate tricks

# 7

If you can Dream it, Christ can help you do it!

# 6 on Music Monday – TV on the Radio

Thanks to the Glen Beck wannabees this stuff is sometimes taken as fact.

# 5 on The Best Movies of 2010

I love him so much.He is an outstanding singer, and did I mention he was also very good looking? Well he is.I couldnt live without his voice in my head every single day. He is amazing. I love him soooooo much

# 4 on South Park – Season 15

Except for the Cartman bits, Humancentipad was more crass than funny. Wearing my South Park boxers today in protest. In protest!

# 3

Great blog but honestly the large amount of Ads really make the readers experience much lower.

This site, as of publishing time, has no ads.

# 2 on New Game Day – April 19th, 2011

FUCK. i forgot i had portal 2. i’m too drunk to fire up steam. someone gimme a goddamn review. wtf i need a review for? i already got it.

#1 on Doctor Who – Series 6 Trailer

Elisabeth Sladen, you were not Klingon, so we cannot console ourselves with thoughts of your rough jesting in Stovokor… you were not Norse, so we may not be consoled with images of your besporting in Valhalla… but we are warmed by the thought that, wherever you are, you will be proving yourself to be the very best of companions.

Such a great comment. Why was the name of the poster an advertisement?!

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