This Week in Spam – Episode 11

No posts yesterday! New Posts today! Ahhhhh! This Week in Spam makes triumphant return?! You check below!

# 10 on Gingers! – Nerd Shirt of the Day

Simply put i do not care who you are. This is actually great stuff.

# 9

I’m trying to start out my very own website, Have you got any kind of strategies for everyone?

I’m seeking to begin my own web site, Do you possess every tips for me?

A nice little two-fer there

# 8 on Strong Punch to the Cineplexus – Battle: Los Angeles

The near-infrared spectroscopy did not become a standard technique and I cannot find recent studies using it. Does anyone know why?

# 7

“One Labor MP yesterday likened the [CT} rally to a convention of Dungeon and Dragons enthusiasts.” I… um, what?!

# 6

Wow whered you go to college Harvard, lol, newayz your a great writer, any tips?

Real diss? Fake diss? I can’t tell.

# 5

One day. Xiao Ming another class …. a sudden “rush”(fart) a cry;sitting next to a small U.S. scolded and said: Xiao-Ming Ah ~ if you could not make a noise;


# 4

I have video proof! | This DORK is a SNIPER! | AND a DARN good one at that!

# 3 on  The Cape – Goggles and Hicks

Come on dude, these facts* and proof* i mean who is posting* lol :P

# 2

Read 4 pages of a spiderman comic and get references to Kafka’s Metamorphosis and to Davinci’s Vitruvian man. Who said comics are for kids?

# 1

Hello everyone. Catalog of human population experts identified that people really are bio-robot. Utilizing the computer language, an image is a component of an operational system of a human being, responsible for its performance. Image, like an interface, provides communication between physiology and psyche of a person.




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