This Week in Spam – Episode 8

Yeah, its been a LONG time since the last This Week in Spam post, just be happy that it’s back. Or, if you don’t like it, be angry that it’s back. I can’t decide which one is better than the other, so this time they won’t be ranked.

  • inetresting comments on this page but some of them look spammy………..  
  • When Lady GaGa states her real name on camera, you know shit is about to go down
  • Super Bowl gone be in 3D this year? Plus NBA games been in 3D…. Hmmm.. I’ll be right back lol
  • Two Words: BLOG HEAVEN. I have hit the motherload, praise him.:)
  • This is the second blog article I’ve read today about successful people under 40! You all go on have your party. on The Cape – Pilot/Tarot
  • Great list. I especially like the fact you put tim lincecum on there. He’s a excellent pitcher but in my opinion doesn’t get the recognition he deserves in MLB.  on Darth Vader Up on Yo’ Sneaka

I borrowed the picture from here.

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