Webcomic of the Week – The Zombie Hunters

I’m back!  Again!  To do Webcomic of the Week.  Again!  Happy Halloween, let’s see what’s cooking this week.

Because The Walking Dead is premiering tonight, I figured a good topic for this week would be zombies.  The Zombie Hunters is a comic by Jenny Romanchuk, on a website managed by her husband Greg.  Always cool to see couples working together to get comics out to the masses.  Anyway, The Zombie Hunters is a very intriguing examination of the zombie apocalypse and how people manage to come together to try to fight off the evil, reanimated corpses that are all around.  The cast manages to stay semi-secluded on an artificial island.  While some details might seem appealing to the average zombie fan that wants to see the end days come in just this fashion, here’s a problem: the characters are infected with a dormant version of the zombie infection, meaning that as soon as they die, whenever that may be, they’ll become a zombie.

I’m a big fan of any way a creator can come up with a reason for a terrible situation being made even worse, and I’d say that does it.  I’m also a fan of detail, and that’s what The Zombie Hunters has in spades.  As they encounter zombies, we see categorizations of different types, with different behaviors and multiple methods of dealing with them.  Romanchuk demonstrates the great talent she has for setting up a continuity and a solid world for the readers to draw from and follow closely.  It works like you’d expect a film to progress, but takes advantage of classic comic book storytelling.  When you can visually make formats seem to blend like that, I’m pretty impressed.  Hell, The Zombie Hunters certainly is an impressive story.

Even in moments without the dead not breathing down their necks (that was difficult to say correctly) Romanchuk shows that tone and character illustration will bring the reader as far as you need them to go.  Fear, concern, distress, discomfort – all of it is painted across the expressions and the settings she uses in the story.  Even those quiet moments make you concerned for the characters you see.  You can practically hear the rain that falls in the panels that have it.  I’m telling you, this is a beautiful story of fear and the persistent threat of death.  There was nothing better I could think of to keep you busy this Halloween apart from eating yourself to death on candy.  I guarantee you, this story is amazing, so go read it now.  You’ll thank me.  I take payment for thanks in Reese’s Cups.

You can visit the site here.

As a side note, now that I’m back – hopefully – I plan on doing something special for November, which is for my Webcomic of the Week entries to be about the comics I read when I first started reading webcomics, whether they’re still going or not (probably not).  They’ll probably be longer, because I’ll have a lot to say.  So enjoy that starting next week.  Have a good time reading!

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