Webcomic of the Week – Scenes From A Multiverse

I’m back, folks, after what I thought would never happen – a missed Webcomic of the Week – only now returning because the city of New York drained from my soul last weekend.  Not a comment on the city, just how easy it is for my soul to be drained.  I should really patch that leak.

So catching up, I was at NYCC last weekend.  I got the chance to meet a lot of cool people, not the least of which was a man by the name of Jonathan Rosenberg.  Being the nice guy he is, he talked to me for a lot longer than he had to (dude was friendly, what can I say?)  I bought volume one of his webcomic Goats, he signed it, sketched in it, and it was pretty awesome.  Currently, his webcomic Goats is on hiatus.  Therefore, while I totally recommend you read Goats, I’ll be getting back to Goats later in my WotW recommendations.  This week I’ll be covering the webcomic he’s working on currently, Scenes From A Multiverse.

Picture this: Every move you make is a decision.  In that regard, you are making this universe distinct in every single movement and action you’ve made.  Intense?  You bet it is.  But it’s not all you.  Our universe is wildly different from what it could have been.  Be could have been giants weasels.  All of us, just giant weasels.  In Rosenberg’s comic, he explores all of the different universes that exist in a multiverse.  A multiverse is a collection of universes that differ in what could be very small or very large ways.  He takes a look at how the people there live, how they thrive, or how they barely get by.  The best thing about this is that it’s brilliant just to see how different he can make each world.

On top of the coolness of the comic’s general idea?  Every Friday he allows the fans to vote on which of the worlds they liked best that he will then revisit.  So he also takes the time to serve the fans in a further regard.  Seriously, how good can this get?  I get pretty interested by the idea of parallel worlds as it is, but to make part of it fan-involved is just a great thing for a creator to do.  I love seeing a creator make the fans a part of their work to any degree.  But overall the highlight of this comic is how Rosenberg manages to use the alternate worlds to make explorations into real-world (our world) life and ideology.  He’s a damn good writer and a damn good artist.  Also, he’s a pretty nice guy, so I highly recommend supporting his work by checking it out and maybe picking up a book or something.  But that’s just me, I like paper.  Now go read Scenes From A Multiverse, you won’t be disappointed.

You can visit the site here.

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