Webcomic of the Week – Pokémon-X

Pokémon-X by Recon Dye is going to be a bit of an exception that I’m going to make for webcomics.  You see, when I do Webcomic of the Week I’m looking for what’s interesting, what’s unique, and what’s fun.  Unfortunately a lot of good content out there over the years has been bogged down by sprite comics.  Not only is this a problem for the people who do their own art, but it’s also a problem for the few people out there who manage to do a sprite comic well.  Pokémon-X is definitely a sprite comic done right.  Not that I want to bash on sprite comics, it’s just that… come on, there’s a lot of crap out there. Pokémon-X actually manages to look nice, and does all the good Pokémon jokes we’ve come to love and some we wouldn’t even expect.

Telling the story of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire is a daunting task when you realize how much of a story there is in that generation of games.  Recon Dye tells the story of Brendan, May and Wally who are a team of trainers looking to… do… something.  Getting badges and loving women, all the things you’d expect from these games (yeah right).  All of us who have played the games know the jokes.  Jokes about the size of towns.  Jokes about the look of some of the creatures.  Jokes about children being sent off into the world to engage with dangerous animals to participate in mutant cock fights.  It’s got all that and some boob humor.  Who doesn’t love boob humor?  I know I do.  Yes, children fighting organized crime and being forced to fend for themselves traveling from city to city.  All cities having stores and hospitals only for Pokémon.  It’s every ten-year-old’s dream until you realize how messed up it is and how irresponsible their parents are.

The comic itself looks incredibly good for a sprite comic (there I go bashing sprite comics again).  Rather than making it look like it was designed in MS Paint, for the most part it looks pretty legitimate.  Sure, some features are bolstered a bit, but come on, the cartoon exaggerated on stuff all the time.  There were things you could never do in the games that appeared in the show.  I mean, in the comic Brendan has a Mightyena that talks because of chemicals that were force-fed to it.  Recon is free to play around with the story to make it more interesting and he certainly does.  Some of his humor is a little direct or cheap, like some sex jokes and gay jokes you can see coming from miles away, but in general it’s a good time.  The cast is fun, the comic looks good, and I can always go for some Pokémon jokes.  For any fan of the games, or the cartoons, or the cards, or the movies, or the anything, you should check out this webcomic.  Trust me, you’ll enjoy what you see.

You can visit the site here.

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