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Webcomic of the Week – Persimmon Cup

Nick Bertozzi’s Persimmon Cup is a really interesting fantasy story about a young man named Garo and a girl named Persimmon who are on the run.  While the entire nature of the danger they’re in doesn’t necessarily seem to be clear, what we do know is this: Garo has something that people either want returned to its place of origin or for themselves.  It’s a little cube that seems to have some sort of power and while it often has harmful effects to others, Persimmon included, Garo is able to hold it without any problem.  But it doesn’t seem to help him with Persimmon, a girl he harbors feelings for and is suffering from a worsening illness.

Persimmon Cup is featured in ACT-I-VATE, a daily online webcomic anthology.  And I’ll be honest, it belongs there, because if anything were to fit into such a well-collected anthology it would be this amazing story.  Bertozzi has created a fascinating world which I would only ever be able to imagine takes place within the inner workings of plantlife.  Garo struggles with a number of challenges to help a girl who acts as though she thinks nothing for him more than his being the reason she cannot return home.  It really is a bizarre story of love and desperation while on the run from just about everything.

With five chapters so far, the story still has so much to do, but I think enough of this story to believe that it has more to come.  The art of the story manages to look slightly sketchy while still nailing things like figures and strange scenery you’d expect to find from the middle of a science textbook.  The scenes are pretty dynamic and the story, vertically stacked, moves pretty fast for the most part, especially when the scene is just action, no dialogue.  The adventure is very fluid, moving at a brisk pace and easy to read.  It’s just a really great story to read and I look forward to reading more.  And so should you, damn it.  Go catch up.

You can visit the site here.

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