Webcomic of the Week – North World

If you’ve ever wanted to mix your world with the fantastic and the mythical, with swords and sorcery and monsters, then you’d be wanting something very similar to what Lars Brown has done with North World.  In said comic, we follow groups of people who, for all intense porpoises, very normal people, very similar to you and I.  They rag on things.  They bag on their friends.  They bitch, they moan, and it really is like watching a Kevin Smith movie take place within a game of Dungeons & Dragons.  You just got to struggle to survive in a world where you have grown-up expectations and bears to fight.

North World is like the perfect blend of an independent film and a role-playing game.  The main story, telling of Conrad, really does give you a sense of connection to his character despite his being a roving knight that fights beasts.  If you could live a life completing quests for paltry sums of money you’d do it right?  I mean, I suppose you can, but not with a sword!  The police frown on that.  Okay, put it like this: imagine you could blend some LARPing into your everyday life of bullshitting around town with your friends.  You complain about your girlfriend and then BOOM, an old woman needs you to hunt down a bandit or something.  And it’s totally legal.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that in everyday life swordplay is frowned upon.

Lars’ comic has been collected by Oni Press in a few volumes, and hot damn they’re pretty good.  This fantasy comedy has been a funny and involved work since it began, doing a lot to blend the trivial issues of everyday and the challenges of living in a magical fabled world.  I’d be pretty pumped if I could improve word of my accomplishments by slaying things and getting gold.  But apart from that, North World is really an inviting and funny comic that I can’t say enough good things about.  Like always though, I once again leave it up to you to decide, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be pleased with what you see.  Go check it out.  In fact, go buy the books.  You’ll like the books, Oni Press is a good judge of publications.

You can visit the site here.

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