Webcomic of the Week – Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

When the toughest, most hardcore and abrasive characters from video games need help reintegrating into society, Commander Badass is there to get Kratos a job at an electronics store, get Dante a job working at an old folk home.  Kelly Turnbull has put together an awesomely funny comic about what some of the toughest characters do to not seem so harsh out in the real world.  She’s not only damn funny and a great artist, but Turnbull does a lot of clever stuff with her webcomic and it’s really just a fun read overall.  So yes, many people will suffer working to get these monsters and street fighters into some job security, but that doesn’t mean Turnbull’s creation Commander Badass will be doing anything to give up on these freaks.

There’s a lot to like about this comic, especially the wide range of games Turnbull manages to include.  Commander Badass serves as her embodiment of the action-packed game hero we’re all accustomed with.  However, beneath his rough exterior is the heart of a man who just wants to help.  He knows how hard it can be to get a job as a nanny when you have a rocket attached to your chest or your head is a pyramid.  The Commander’s assistant Jared is a terrible Pokémon trainer who only has a Gyarados and a hankering to get his 360 back from his parents’ house.  Badass was in Vietnam, then time-traveled to ensure that the outcome was different.  Manly Guys Doing Manly Things is a relatively new webcomic but it’s well on its way to establishing a thick, meaty, chewy continuity that is just awesome and fun.

What’s great about a comic like this is that from what we’ve already seen you’re able to start evaluating what could be coming up in its future.  A disgruntled employee that needs to be defused?  Some of the Commander’s clients returning to old habits?  Something’s going to explode, I just know it is.  When you try to employ a bunch of former/current madmen and monstrosities it’s just a matter of time before things go horribly wrong for everyone.  But seriously, this comic is way too awesome for words, and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone forever.  It’s the manliest webcomic made by a woman… I assume.

You can visit the site here.

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