Webcomic of the Week – A Lesson is Learned But the Damage is Irreversible

In A Lesson is Learned But the Damage is Irreversible, writer Dale Beran and artist David Hellman struggle like crazy to create a webcomic.  Not that it really shows throughout the series, that just seems to be the topic of their adventures as they proceed through the art.  This is the problem with making comics, you see.  You struggle and agonize over what to do a comic about, and all the while magic spells and failed video game creations distract the hell out of you.  It seems like there’s a pretty common theme of distraction, which is something I can relate to pretty easily.  Man, it’s hard to get yourself to do stuff sometimes.

There are some distressful and bothersome things out there, especially when they’re completely fictionalized and totally made up.  Dale and Dave go through trial after trial for no particular reason other than they aren’t doing other things.  Within the confines of short strips that look like they were chalk-drawn onto a blackboard most times, the two friends struggle with magic and science being all-around unfortunate occurrences in their lives that don’t really go the way they want.  So yes, while they come away with something by the end of it, it’s never really anything all that good.

The strip isn’t just funny, but it’s pretty cool to look at.  With interesting panel layouts and often mural-like style of storytelling the comic is a really inventive work.  The art gets more and more outrageous the more things seem to be distanced from reality, which is a steady change throughout the series that you can notice on each page.  The only real problem?  They’re on hiatus.  I know, I’m sorry for once again updating with a comic that doesn’t really update anything new.  But look at it this way: when (if) they do come back, you’ll be all caught up and ready to go.  That’s something… right?

Just trust me when I say that this is a very smart, very funny and very aesthetically pleasing webcomic that is certainly worthy of your time.  Go check them out.  Now.

You can visit the site here.

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