Webcomic of the Week – Effort Comics!

Hold up for a sec, I need to put up the NSFW sign: NSFW.  Okay, you’re good, you can come in now.

Lin R. Visel’s comic Effort Comics! is a great story with not only some good laughs but some sex and some nudity.  And some sexy nudity.  Only this time, it’s between people and cartoons.  Well, they’re all cartoons, from where we’re standing, but in their world there are humans and there are cartoons and they live together in some semblance of harmony.  Sort of.  You ever see the movie Cool World?  Or, more likely, have you ever seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  Look, humans live with cartoons and society is set up as such.  Stop asking me questions.

The comics stars Sampson, a man who has sort of lost his way after some bad things went down.  He lives with a bear named Kurt C. Bearington (full name offered to really drive it home to you guys) and is not-so-secretly in love with his cartoon boss named Coral.  Sampson is trying hard to straighten out his life while trying to date Coral and get everyone he knows off his back.  Along the way the story gets incredibly funny, and when it isn’t funny it’s a lot of sexy-nude time, and when it isn’t either of those it’s actually a really touching and meaningful tale.  This story is just straight up awesome to read no matter what sort of feel it’s going for.

Just remember, this is an adult comic.  With boobs and penises.  Penii.  Pennies.  What’s the plural of penis?  Nevermind.  The art is outstanding and it’s clear to see Visel’s influences as she lists on the site.  It feels like an excellent style for the sake of presenting the story in all the different moods she goes for.  I guarantee you, there is so much to enjoy in this comic.  Just make sure you’re 18+ if you plan on reading it.  Otherwise you’ll be assaulted by a number of drawings of pennies all over your face.  Am I saying that right?  Regardless, if you’re interested, as you damn well should be, you can go over to the site and catch up on the series.

You can visit the site here.

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