Webcomic of the Week – Don’t Cry for Me, I’m Already Dead

It’s time to get emotional.

Just like when I covered Rocky Albatross, this week’s comic is a feature of the Sugar Boukas collection.  It’s a pretty brutal comic to read because if you can relate to it, like I can, you will really be hurting.  A short story by Rebecca Sugar, it tells the story of two brothers named Jim and Alan.  Jim and Alan love to make references to The Simpsons all the time.  In fact, it’s how they communicate for the most part.  The first part of this connection I have to this comic is just how much I’ve always loved The Simpsons.  When I was a kid The Simpsons was gospel to me.  I would not only watch every episode but I would remember every line I could.  I think I said “Hello, I am Guy Incognito” fifty-thousand times as a kid.  “Oh my God, this man is my exact double!  Oh my God, that dog has a fluffy tail!”  Jesus, it still never gets old.

So yeah, I may not remember it flawlessly, but I have a general memory of all these Simpsons quotes and every now and then they still rattle around in my head.  I can understand sitting around with friends and quoting things.  It’s what people my age do.  But unfortunately a lot of the quoted material isn’t as worthy nowadays.  Much of the pride I have stems from the fact that I learned much of my morality and understanding from things like The Simpsons.  So I totally get using those lines in reference to a number of everyday events.  But beyond that, there’s more that I understand with how deep this story goes.

I have a friend I make Futurama references with.  In fact, most of the times we hang out we quote Futurama above all else.  She’s one of my best friends at this point, so if I were to have to go through something like what happens to Jim and Alan in this story I doubt I could handle it.  After Alan is in a car accident, he suffers brain damage, but despite Jim being told that he would not be able to converse with him, Alan is still capable of reciting Simpsons quotes.  But Alan’s health is deteriorating, and he doesn’t have much time left, and oh God this is a hard story to read.

If you read comics like Pride of Baghdad and We3 simply because of how much they can touch you and make you cry you’ll love this comic.  If you appreciated The Simpsons growing up and know it was a goldmine of hilarious dialogue you’ll love this comic.  If you have close friends you have relationships with that work like this you’ll love this comic.  But this comic… damn, this comic.  You’ll love this comic.  I did.  So go read it.  Trust me, this won’t be the last of my Sugar Boukas coverage.  They’re brilliant over there.

You can visit the site here.

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