Webcomic of the Week – Cat Rackham

I looked at the site this week and saw that we hadn’t updated that much, which made me sad.  And when I’m sad?  I know the one guy that will get what I’m going through is Cat Rackham, because this is one seriously depressed cat.  Steve Wolfhard has made the understanding of misery and woe as part of the human (or kitty) condition an art form.  I mean, yeah, Cat Rackham is a pretty sad little dude.  But he deals.  Oh boy, and does he deal.  Going through cartoonish and often frightening hardships doesn’t seem to do much to keep him down, and that’s good, because some bad things happen to the little guy.

The stories of Cat Rackham, both long and short, are cute but pretty rough on the protagonist.  Giving them adorable titles doesn’t do much to disguise how miserable some of his life is, but that doesn’t make it any less funny.  He goes through funny little hardships, though some more hard to get through than others.  But what’s so cool about him is that he’s persistent.  No matter how bad some of it seems he always manages to pull through, and even if it isn’t the point Steve Wolfhard is making (because I’m basically just guessing and I try not to make huge presumptions) it still serves as an awesome moral to Cat Rackham as a whole.

Yeah, some of what he goes through is messed up.  Really messed up.  This is it though, he endures a lot of really troublesome issues just to come out whole on the other side.  I’d like to think I’m not over-analyzing this webcomic about a cat who goes through hell, but I think regardless of what the comic’s intent is, there is plenty to take from it.  Cat Rackham is a smart comic, and it hardly has any dialogue for the most part.  It shows you how strong you can be when you don’t think you are.  It shows you that sometimes people are there for you when you need them most.  It shows you that not everything is always as hard as it seems and can actually be pretty fun if you’re willing to push past the harder bits in life.  Steve Wolfhard has done some great work here and I don’t think it should be ignored.  For a quick read, a fun time and a lesson learned, go read some Cat Rackham.

You can visit the site here.

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