Webcomic of the Week – Gone with the Blastwave

This week I not only figured I’d do Webcomic of the Week early (I have things to do, people, but this is my favorite feature to do on the site) but I also figured I’d punish myself by highlighting Gone with the Blastwave, a comic that almost never ever ever updates.  Yeah, it’s got a gorgeous look and is funny as hell, but really, it’s like I’m waiting for a bus and I’m at the bottom of the ocean.  Unless by some crazy happening, bus ain’t gonna come.  But I’d hate to think I’m giving you the wrong impression of Kimmo Lemetti’s comic, so let’s get going with the positives and why you ought to check out a genuinely good strip.

Okay, so all of those games out there where it’s the end of the world or whatever and there are opposing factions that are designated by some minor signifier?  This comic is mainly a lampooning of those games.  In a deserted, bombed out city, the reds fight the blues and the yellows, as you would expect in a parody of games that usually rely on that one distinction.  They make jokes about their miserable surroundings, about why being at war sucks, and about how funny it is to cause the enemy to be crushed to death by something large and heavy.  They talk as you would expect the people playing this game to talk, which doesn’t seem like it’s saying all that much, but it’s cool in that these characters are behaving way too calm for people who are engaged in combat after what looks like a nuclear holocaust has occurred.

I’ve always loved how much fun it is just to have the basic formula of “Team A hates Team B and because of this both teams are not only going to try to kill each other but also attempt to enjoy what they’re doing while they’re doing it.”  It’s almost like if you were to sit down with a bunch of toys and a friend, divide up the toys into two opposing groups, and then argue about “Nah, this guy shot that guy.  He’s dead.”  Then you push your friend’s toy over and proceed from there.  It’s like Risk, only the world they’re fighting to conquer is irradiated and not even worth anyone’s efforts.  Which is why it’s a fun comic.

The only real problem, again, is how often it comes out.  It’s not often.  Not nearly often enough for my tastes.  Which would be more often.  Of course, in the FAQs section Kimmo expresses little interest in stories of this nature, so I don’t know what I’m expecting.  At the very least, I’ve introduced you to a world of irritation at waiting for this incredibly funny and well-illustrated comic to update.  Glad I could help.

You can visit the site here.

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