Webcomic of the Week – Axe Cop

I was going to do a totally different comic this week but new revelations have lead to Axe Cop being the focus this go around.  Hit the next page to find out why.

I kid you not.  I remember being a kid when team-ups meant something to me.  When the idea of Batman and Spider-Man teaming up was a big deal because it was so unusual.  Nowadays team-ups don’t seem that important because they get to be so expected.  But this… I don’t know.  This gave me that feeling I’d get as a kid when Superman and Bugs Bunny would meet.  I had that feeling of “There’s no way this won’t be awesome.”  Axe Cop and Dr. McNinja teaming up just feels so right but I am just so pumped to read their six-page crossover I just can’t explain it.  But moving beyond this, let’s get to the review:

Axe Cop is a webcomic written by a little boy and illustrated by his older brother.  I love recommending webcomics for this very reason: webcomics allow all sorts of experimentation with the medium to take place.  Malachai Nicolle is a little kid, about six years old now, I believe.  His older brother Ethan Nicolle, now about twenty-nine I believe, is the artist who manages to piece together the general ideas his little brother comes up with, thus leading to the creation of Axe Cop, an amazingly awesome superhero story.  Malachai has all the imagination and invention you would expect of a boy his age, which is why Axe Cop is one of the coolest comics out there today.

When guys used to be little boys, they would come up with stuff that was just as outrageous and amazing as what Malachai comes up with.  However, not all of us were lucky enough to have an amazing older brother who already has plenty of experience doing comics.  When you read Axe Cop you get that feeling from when you were a kid of how things didn’t need to make any actual sense as long as they were AWESOME.  And they are.  Dinosaurs covered in machine guns and dynamite?  Why not?  Works for me, and it gives the hero something crazy to have to deal with.

With a character who’s battle cry is “I’ll chop your head off!” you can’t really go wrong.  He’s really exactly what his name would lead you to believe, which is a cop who uses an axe.  Flying gun dinosaurs and space zombies and a guy with socks for arms.  SOCKS for ARMS.  What’s awesome about this comic is that it can have anything!  Anything Malachai comes up with is a possibility in the world of Axe Cop.  There’s a reason this comic is getting such good reviews.  It’s fun, it’s wild, it’s exciting and it reminds you of how good your childhood was and how free and creative you used to be.  I recommend Axe Cop wholeheartedly and I can’t wait to see the Axe Cop/Dr. McNinja story.  Three pages on Axe Cop, three pages on Dr. McNinja.  Go catch up on Axe Cop before this epic crossover takes place!  OR I’LL CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF.

You can visit the site here.

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