Webcomic of the Week – Awkward Zombie

Katie Tiedrich does a webcomic about video games, primarily Pokémon.  That sounds pretty common and straightforward, right?  Wrong, bitch.  Awkward Zombie is a triumph of hilarity.  Remember how much you used to like physical comedy and the dynamics of character design and all that?  Whatever your answer is is wrong, because when I said “used to” it was a trap.  You still do love those things.  Which is why you should certainly love Awkward Zombie.

But it’s not just her character design and subject matter, Katie happens to be clever.  Very clever, in fact, making a lot of really solid jokes not only about strange elements of game play, but also jokes about herself.  Yeah, she makes a few shots at herself, and if anything it does more to make the comic more endearing.  Fortunately she still manages to come across as pretty awesome as the traditional protagonist of the series.  As a Pokémon trainer she’s pretty damn funny, but just in general she’s a pretty great artist and writer.  Yes, as you can see I’m a fan.

I could go on and on about how funny I think this comic is, or how cute and interesting the art is, or even how well received I’ve seen it to be on the internet.  So I shall.  Not a lot of webcomics manage to be as charmingly funny as Awkward Zombie does without sometimes becoming obnoxious.  Fortunately the comic manages to be an amazingly funny series without becoming pretentious or obnoxious (are those two things too similar?)  Look, Awkward Zombie is just one of those better-made video game webcomics just because it doesn’t feel like it’s trying too hard, but at the same time it’s pretty clear some great work is being done over there.  More than anything I just feel good about recommending a comic this week that still seems to update.  Hooray!  Something you can actually consistently read.  And damn well should, because Awkward Zombie is outstanding.  Go read it.  Now.

You can visit the site here.

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