Keep Watching, Dogs

watch dogsWatch Dogs, the upcoming cyber-spy-badass game from Ubisoft has been delayed from its original release date of next month until spring 2014. I can’t say I’m surprised. Watch Dogs was at New York Comic Con this past weekend and they had a video demo of someone playing with PS3 controls that they played through a PC. Even then the game got choppy and stuttered at points. It’s probably for the best that they’re going to spend some time polishing it. Not having a playable version of your game at a huge show like that when it releases in a month is kind of a red flag.

If you pre-ordered a PS4 with a copy of the game you’re still going to get your PS4 on time, you just won’t get it with Watch Dogs. You’ll have the option to either choose a different game, or just get Watch Dogs when it comes out.

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