The War on Drugs – Lost in the Dream

The-War-On-Drugs-Lost-In-The-DreamThe beginning of the band The War on Drugs was supposedly formed out of singer/guitarist Adam Granduciel’s and former guitarist Kurt Vile‘s mutual love of Bob Dylan. You can’t say they ever strayed too far from that beginning, even now, 11 years later.

It could be because Granduciel sounds quite like Bob Dylan. You always wonder when someone sounds like a famous singer if they modeled themselves after their hero or they just happen to sound like that famous person. You probably have to have a bit of both to nail it, but the style is definitely there.

Lost in the Dream is an album that would fit in any of the past three decades. Sure, it’s today’s modern indie fare, with the band being on the label Secretly Canadian, but you probably wouldn’t skip a beat if one of the album’s 10 tracks somehow got put on a classic rock station by accident, or if it was played adjacent to a Billy Joel song on a “mix” station. This feels like rock music that doesn’t really age. There’s a term for that, it’s timeless. I’m not trying to predict the future success of this band. That’s more dependent on listener response than anything, but I am saying that I don’t think Lost in the Dream ever goes out of style. Not unless the computers win, man.

This is going to take some stiff competition to be knocked from the top spot of 2014. Check out the album via the player.

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