Verizon to Release iPhone in Early February

Much to everyone’s expectations (especially John Oliver’s, who filmed his reaction to the big announcement before it even happened), Verizon revealed that they will finally be releasing a CDMA version of the iPhone next month. Steve Jobs was not on hand this morning but Verizon CEO Lowell Macadam was there to make the big announcement, followed by Apple’s Tim Cook and Dan Dee to talk about the device. In fact, not much was said about the device itself (hopefully meaning no big changes), but a lot of emphasis was placed on how ready the network was to handle the iPhone/influx of new customers and not find themselves having the problems AT&T is now.

Pricing will start at $199 for the 16GB and $299 for the 32GB (mobile hotspot included), both with new 2-year activation and data packages required, of course. Pre-order for existing Verizon customers begins February 3rd followed by its release on February 10th.

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