Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

On the show we recorded just a couple days ago we touched on this and whether we wanted it, which we both said we did.

Well, it’s real, and it’s coming out November of this year for $39.99 with 12 new characters and 8 new stages.

So far the announced new fighters are Strider and Firebrand for Capcom; Ghost Rider(I just want to quickly mention how I knew he’d end up in the game because he’s in Dante’s ending) and Hawkeye for Marvel. We’ll hear about the rest as the year goes on. It doesn’t say anywhere, but I’m really curious whether they’re counting Jill from Resident Evil and Shuma Gorath, both downloadable characters, as part of the 12, or if there’s going to be 12 on top of them.

On top of the new characters, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will also have the much asked for spectator mode.

Check below for some videos.

This has a quick tease of the four announced characters

Strider and Ghost Rider, but mostly a Strider video

Hawkeye’s time to shine.

This is a Ghost Rider video, unfortunately I’m not impressed with him.

This shows off both Hawkeye and Firebrand, but it’s basically a video of Firebrand owning.

Apparently images of the rest of the 8, yes there will be 8 new characters on top of the DLC characters already released, have leaked and can be found here.


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