Ugly Southern Americans – Mark Loves Jewpacabra Dick

This isn’t last Wednesday’s episodes, this is the episodes from two weeks ago. In order to save time I decided to combine the two.

The Premise

Cartman is really worried about the possibility of a Jewpacabra attacking kids on Easter, so Mark and “Dick” have to go to Atlantis to get them to help keep the beast away. Mark’s friends mistakenly think he is dead and they then convince the Jewpacabra to help them kill the Kraken, with pizza and Easter eggs.


Good Stuff

  • “No Christ!”
  • “no one has the name cock”
  • Making fun of the Finding Bigfoot guys
  • H Jon Benjamin as “Dick”
  • Cartman’s Passover flashback
  • The homosexual tension
  • “Hebrew jeebies”

Make it Better

  • Nothing, It was perfection.

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