Ugly Americans – Any Given Workday

The season continues with an episode that, while still solid, was no where near as good as last week’s. Check out the synopsis, what was good, and what could have been better.


The Premise

Mark is very excited about the upcoming intramural football game, but because of Randall’s new arm he’s the perfect man to take Mark’s job, on the field and off. Callie wants a very expensive new car, so she tricks Leonard into prostituting to pay for the car.


Good Stuff

  • “Now, can I see your selection of downstairs replacements?” – Randall
  • Twayne gambles on intramural football
  • “Randall, this is a closed practice. You’re going to hurt someone with your power and pinpoint accuracy” – Mark
  • Hot chocolate being a “fun, low-caffeine alternative to coffee”
  • What happened to Rodriguez
  • “One bullet, one life. Take a ticket, take your turn” – Mark
  • “Jesus Lilly, I’m all for gratuitous violence, but you crossed the line. You went apeshit “ – Grimes
  • ”Well, at least this arm will make my dick look bigger” – Randall


Make it Better

  • The sub-plot of Goran “Croatian man” wanting to be a doctor wasn’t great
  • The emphasis on winking, personal gripe, because I can’t wink.
  • Leonard’s prostitution
  • The score at the end of the game

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