Ugly Americans – The Stalking Dead

The next episode of Ugly Americans airs tonight at 10:30. Allow me to catch up and remind you about last week’s episode.

The Premise

Pop star Lady Hoo-Ha has gone zombie, and influenced many of her followers to go zombie as well. Grimes is sent to talk her into renouncing being a zombie, but runs into complications. Mark is given a new zombie named Carl to help transition.

Good Stuff

  • They’re making fun of Lady Gaga with a pop-star named Lady Hoo-Ha
  • “Unborn this way”
  • “Don’t you wish you didn’t look like a talking anus?” – Lady Hoo-Ha
  • “How do you catch zombie then? From a toilet seat?” – Robot , or Fish (I’m not sure)
  • Grimes saying “hamburgers” after getting his brain eaten
  • “Do You have Must Love Dogs?” – Carl
  • “I taste almonds!” – Grimes
  • “I want to be a rock star! Why are you doing this?” – Grimes
  • “Man, sudoku is boring as shit!” – Randall
  • “No more flashbacks!” – Grimes

Make it Better

  • The title kind of gives away the ending/ big reveal

This was a good episode. It wasn’t as good as “Journey to the Center of Twayne” or “The Roast of Twayne Boneraper”, but it was still really solid.

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