Ugly Americans – The Roast of Twayne Boneraper

This week’s episode was better than last week’s, but is it the best of the season? It’s tough to decide, the episode where they Fantastic Voyaged Twayne was pretty great.


The Premise

It’s Twayne’s anniversary at the DOI, so they organize a roast in his honor. Mark goes a little too far, so Twayne quits and leaves Mark in charge. Mark decides to get rid of a very important department that he assumes to be useless, and all hell breaks loose.

Good Stuff

  • Mark sucks at comedy and is dressed like Gallagher
  • “I’ve got comedy gold to mine with my punch line pickaxe” – Mark
  • “Women need to wash they ass” – Randall
  • The guys who say “it’s funny because I don’t have to think” about Leonard doing a Jeff Foxworthy like act
  • Mark’s Andrew Dice Clay like act
  • The department of birthdays – especially how the guy who leads it has a gift for a head.
  • Twayne being poisoned.
  • Dana Gould as Goose Kevin
  • Codename: Freaky Biscuit
  • “Let’s get comfortable and watch these assholes go up in flames!” – Leonard
  • The director’s security vehicle
  • “I always thought you were a do nothing figurehead, but now I understand that your schmoozing, buck-passing, and refusal to rock the boat is exactly what the position requires.” – Mark to Twayne

Make It Better

  • Leonard doing a Jeff Foxworthy like act
  • Lisa Lampanelli and her “vergina”


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