Ugly Americans – Journey to the Center of Twayne

I’m not entirely sure if this was the second half of season 2, or the premiere of season 3, but Ugly Americans is back.


The Premise

  • An ant arsonist named Jerry(guest spot from Bobby Moynihan) gets put in Mark’s custody for rehabilitation. After making a fool of Mark he goes up Twayne’s nose into his body, so now Mark, Leonard, and Grimes need to be shrunk in order to go inside Twayne and stop Jerry from killing him. Randall and Callie do some investigative work about Jerry’s past.

Good Stuff

  • Twayne uses Eharmony
  • “No spitting, dickhead” – Grimes
  • “I love being small. Do you have any idea how big asses look to me?” – Jerry
  • Randall’s at a Yankee game with a Boston hat on
  • The way Randall treats Mark
  • CSI Miami jokes, just don’t ever do them again
  • The story is basically Fantastic Voyage meets Dances With Wolves in a demon’s body
  • Mark being called “lesbian hair”
  • “Stop confusing me with your logic” – Grimes
  • “How do you know her stripper name? Have your hands been on her tits?!” – Jerry
  • “I dusted her ass for fingerprints. I stopped counting after the 20th set” – Jerry
  • “Anyone who says revenge is an empty experience doesn’t know what they’re talking about. I feel great! “ – Grimes
  • Stripper prison

Make It Better

  • CSI Miami jokes. I’m serious, NEVER do them again.


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