Ugly Americans – The Dork Knight

Last night we got what was arguably one of the best episodes of this run on Ugly Americans.

The Premise 

Mark gets bitten by a bat-boy and is then becoming a bat-boy himself. He uses his newly developing skills to become “Batperson” and fight crime in the city.

Good Stuff

  • I’m a big fan of all the Batman references. Like Catwoman, that’s actually a cat. A two-face with two heads.
  • “Pussycat Brawls”
  • “Seen here in this unnecessarily sexy mug shot” – Newswoman
  • The Batboy’s name is “Bruce”
  • “As long as I have my machete out, who wants a haircut?” – Grimes
  • “I haven’t felt this bad since Randall made me watch Entourage” – Mark
  • “Ahh, I’m mildly irritated!” – Cat burglar
  • Bat-person & Koala Boy
  • “Bat to the Bone” – News Headline
  • The accountant’s name is Oswald, and he’s a penguin.
  • That was definitely Courtney Love getting punched in the face while buying drugs
  • “Local tabloid runs out of Bat puns” – news headline
  • “I never realized how much dance was in me” – Grimes
  • “On the site of The Cider House Rules Tobey Maguire tried to have sex with me three separate times” – Michael Caine
  • “I get one phonecall right? Does anybody have the number for Sarah Mclachlan?” – Catwoman villain

Make It Better 

  • The Morgan Freeman impersonation wasn’t that great
  • What’s wrong with Steve Buscemi?
  • Ugh, Real Housewives reference

You should really be watching this show. If you’re not, the only new episode left before it disappears for a few months is next Wednesday.

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