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Ubisoft E3 2010 Press Conference – Live Blog

Here is the archive of the live blog. I’ll try and find videos for the games I mentioned at the bottom sometime soon-ish.

Here we go…

8:01 – This game looks rad

8:03 – This game very much resembles Rez HD. Is it Rez HD?

8:05 – I’m assuming they’re eventually going to say what this is…

8:07 – It was Child of Eden by Tetsuya Mizuguchi

8:08 – Joel McHale is the host again this year

8:09 – They just showed a little thing for Assassin’s Creed

8:10 – Now they’re showing the trailer I posted earlier for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

8:11 – I want to clear up that Tetsuya Mizuguchi is in fact the creator of Rez, that’s why the game looked so much like Rez.

8:12 – It’s cool that this game is a direct sequel to AC2.

8:14 – They’re showing gameplay from Brotherhood

8:18- He just grabbed a guy’s head and fired his gun from his wrist.

8:20 – That was a long and satisfying gameplay clip.

8:21 – Shaun White Skateboarding?

8:22 – Yeah, that’s what it is. After Skate other people shouldn’t even try to make skateboarding games.

8:23 – Shaun White is there to show the game off.

8:24 -Having a comedian as a host is good for the flow, but sometimes it gives it a weird feel.

8:25 – Did Ubisoft not get the memo from last year that the talk show format isn’t cool?

8:27 – Now they’re showing a demo of the gameplay of Shaun White skateboarding.

8:29 – So you can grind stuff that’s not there?

8:30 – This is probably the most unrealistic skateboarding game ever.

8:32 – I guess they’re going for unrealistic.

8:34 – HAHA, that place doesn’t look that full.

8:38 – Some guy just called Joel McHale James.

8:39 – They’re showing a laser tag game. Laser tag is cool, but this is one of your E3 press event games?

8:42 – Ubisoft made its own vitality sensor.

8:44 – Child of Eden and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood were cool, the rest has been a waste of time.

8:45 – I’d bet $200 bucks the guy talking about this Ubisoft vitality sensor thing is a vegan who doesn’t drink.

8:47 – They’re trying to make something that monitors your heart rate sound cool. It’s not working.

8:49 – Oh great, there’s a Ubisoft sports game for Kinect.

8:51 – Your Shape: Fitness Evolved again, awesome!

8:52 – There’s definitely a delay in what she’s doing.

8:53 – I’m seriously contemplating abandoning ship on this one. Wasn’t last year’s press conference almost 2 hours long?

8:56 – More crazy bunnies.

8:58 – Raving Rabbids Travel in Time. Umm, awesome?

8:59 – They’re showing Ghost Recon. This is why I’m watching this.

9:02 – Gameplay demo for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. This is going to be awesome.

9:06- This gameplay clip is so awesome

9:08 -Why does Ubisoft have to delay their best game every year?

9:1o – They’re going to show Driver now. Hopefully we’ll see some gameplay.

9:11 – They just showed a cinematic trailer for Driver: San Francisco.

9:12 – And now we are getting gameplay.

9:14 – They put a feature in where you can switch cars mid-chase. Weird

9:17 – Yves Guillemot is onstage now

9:19 – They just teased something called Project DUST

9:21 – They’re showing a new Rayman game. The art style looks fantastic.

9:22 – It’s called Rayman: Origins

9:24 – Mania Planet. You can create games in three genres. Shooters, racing, and quest.

9:26 – People just went nuts for Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”

9:28  – Did this just turn into So You Think You Can Dance?

9:30 – Well, that was a weird ending.

Yeah, it’s over.  Ghost Recon, Rayman, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and Child of Eden were cool. The rest was pretty ‘meh’. I was very underwhelmed by Driver: San Francisco.

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