Trip the Dream Fantastic

Little Big Planet 2 is a 2.5D platformer developed by Media Molecule and published by Sony. In it you again play as Sackboy, a completely customizable sentient being made of burlap. In the story mode you have to help “The Alliance” save Craftworld from something called the Negativitron. To be a little more specific, after the intro you are being vacuumed up by the Negativitron, but you are saved by Larry Da Vinci. He then asks you to help save Craftworld. Should you save your pennies to trade in for some prize bubbles?


  • The story isn’t really the ‘meat’ of the game, but it’s very quirky and fun; the characters you meet along the way are great. It’s also essential if you plan on building levels. You need to unlock items to be able to use after all. Also, I’m pretty sure all my items from Little Big Planet 1 carried over. So, if you want to be a creator and you don’t have that already it’s worth looking into.
  • The “vehicles” you can use, which include a spitting camel and a ‘ferocious’ digging hamster(Hamstertron 2000) are very funny to watch and very fun to use. This was my favorite new addition to the game.
  • Boss fights, while not being TOO easy, are never too hard. They’re just the right amount of challenging and fun for a kid friendly platformer.
  • Creating levels for other people to play and playing levels other people created ensure that this game really never ends. If you like platformers and have an¬†internet¬†connection this is the game for you. With the new additions to LBP2 you can even create mini games or link levels together creating long sagas. The possibilities are pretty much endless. You can take it as far as your imagination will allow you.

In summation, the story is fun, but it’s not going to entertain you for long. I definitely recommend playing through it though. The vehicles and bosses are a lot of fun. And online is really where this game shines. Or, at least the levels it hosts online. If you’ve always thought you’d make a good game designer, you have an even better forum to test your skills than LBP1, because in this one you can make whole games instead of just platforming levels.

I like some levels of this game so much I took a break from this to play a couple of them.

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