trilliumTrillium is a limited 8-issue comic book series by Jeff Lemire in which humans in the distant future are threatened by a sentient virus. They have been driven to a distant planet called Atabithi where there exists a flower, Trillium, that they believe could be the answer to stopping the virus.

The story follows Nika –  a xeniologist in 3797, and William – a broken man looking for his personal solution in 1921 Peru. Nika wants to make a peaceful deal with the native Atabithians for access to their flowers, but her superiors are pushed by their limited timetable given the virus’ impending arrival on the planet. William wants to find the Lost Temple of the Incas, probably just to give his life some new purpose and to help him get over his PTSD. On both worlds exists a temple, a temple that allows travel through space-time.

I don’t really want to spoil anything but, from there on it deals with space-time travel, a catastrophic event leading to parallel versions of current worlds, and the possibility that black holes are wormholes. It’s high science fiction for sure, but with a love story at its core. Both of these people feel lost and alone in their world, but with each other they’re ok. It reminds me a lot of a Darren Aronofsky film. He’s great at showing you the depths of obsession of his characters and the lengths they’ll go to complete their journey. This has that sort of vibe. They make a lot of leaps without knowing what’s going to be under them. Then the ending is fantastic. I’m not quite sure if I even fully understood it, but from what I thought it was trying to say I loved it.

Pick up Trillium! It’s an excellent story. If you like sci-fi you won’t be disappointed.

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