Would You Like to Trials this Excitebike?

Joe Danger is a download-only Playstation Network game. It was made by Hello Games and goes for 14.99 in the Playstation Store.

Joe Danger, the character, is a mix between Evel Knievel and Super Dave Osbourne. He’s a capable stunt motorcyclist, but has some funny-when-he-fails humor to him.

The gameplay is very reminiscent of XBLA game Trials HD in the sense that you drive through a stunt/obstacle filled course. In Joe Danger though, a quick time isn’t your only objective, and the majority of the time finishing won’t seem nearly impossible or frustrating. You can progress simply by beating a course, but you’re going to need stars to unlock further courses. Stars are obtained by completing course objectives like finding hidden stars, collecting mini stars, hitting a series of targets, beating the course time, trick comboing the course, getting the letters to spell ‘Danger’, and collecting a set of coins.

The courses are each set in a group, which ends in a race against computer opponents.


  • The game is addictive. Most tracks have multiple objectives so it also promotes its replay-ability. It’s highly replayable.
  • The difficulty curve feels just right. As you get the hang of advanced moves you’re going to have to learn to string them together in order to win later races. You also need to learn how to manage your boost bar.
  • It’s hard to believe it was only made by the 4 people at Hello Games.


  • Multiplayer is limited to 2-player split-screen.
  • Though the track creation is great. You can only download and share tracks with PSN friends. It’d be much better if you could download anyone’s tracks like in Little Big Planet. But, maintaining servers costs money.

Joe Danger is a great downloadable game. It’s very family friendly, but don’t let its cute look fool you. Kids will be very frustrated by some of the later levels. This is well worth the $15 price tag.

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