Tosh.O – 4/3/12

Last night’s Tosh.O was the last before a warm weather break. It was an entertaining episode, but it also featured more “not funny” than any episode in the past few weeks.



  • Wheelchair bungee jumping – take her out of the wheelchair?
  • Super Hero Birthday
  • Unorthodox gymnast
  • American Reunion joke
  • Blackjack
  • Viewer video


  • Woman shitting in the grocery store aisle
  • David vs. DeAndre – it was interesting, but not funny. That kid is broken.
  • Skier vs. Snowboarder
  • Eating foods that disgust you – again, it was entertaining, but not funny
  • Lightly Touching Women’s Stomachs While They’re Sitting Down


  • Super Hero Birthday


  • Wheelchair bungee jumping
  • Skateboarding dad
  • Unorthodox gymnast
  • Lady yelling on the subway
  • Blackjack

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