Tosh.O – 3/13/12

This episode was a lot stronger than last week’s. It had it’s share of weird, but it was a lot funnier and had a really solid web redemption.



  • The fight clip from the beginning of the show where the woman knocks the guy out with the 2X4
  • Motorcycle guy who crashes and yells “it’s on video!”
  • The Shark Tank bit – I would try Skee-Bowl
  • The Viewer Video – This was actually probably my favorite part of the episode.
  • Hardcore Parkour


  • The kid that’s obviously high on morphine & the subsequent bit.
  • The ape flying at the glass in the zoo
  • Head-copter


  • The prank of the week video – who wakes someone up by poking them in the face with a gun?


  • Kid sucking on the cow’s teat
  • Woman pissing in the store
  • The Asian chiropractor treatment – was she getting sexually assaulted?

He gives a girl named Natalie who, mis-parkoured? A chance to try parkouring again. The stuff they show her doing is funny and actually entertaining. Minus a point for the girl wearing pants that said “parkour”. 7/10

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