Tosh.O – 2/21/12

New format for the write-up this week. Hope you like it! If you don’t, let me know.

What Was Awesome

  • Shaving cream face flames
  • Dangerous BMX riding
  • The dirty park couple
  • Prancing speedo guy
  • Rock Paper Balls
  • Which celebrity over 40 would Daniel bang.

What Was Not Funny

  • Butt peeing
  • “You just did 40 “- it was kind of amazing though.


  • Legless martial artist

Rate the Web Redemption
It was about a kid that drove his dad’s brand new Mustang through their garage/bathroom.
A lot of funny jokes in this one. This is usually the best part of the show. He taught the kid how to parallel park with hydraulics on. 8/10

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