Titans Together! Until the Lineup Changes Again

How long does it take for a Teen Titan to become completely embarrassed by how poorly assembled their team is?  Give up?  The answer is ‘they don’t live long enough’.

Coming up in the future of the Teen Titans is – yes, you guessed it –  another team change.  So I’d like to evaluate my likes and dislikes about this team.


  • Superboy – I’ve always liked Conner, ever since he was introduced during the Death of Superman.  When he was one of the primary team with this volume of Teen Titans, there was a lot of great story with the reveal that he was the clone of not only Superman, but of Lex Luthor.  With the help of his best friend Tim Drake, Superboy then struggles with his sense of self due to the whole “Conner Has Two Dads” fiasco.  Unfortunately he died during Infinite Crisis, which in Teen Titans time takes place around issue #33.  We then recieved almost #50 joyless issues without having the Young Justice Four – which were Superboy, Kid Flash, Robin and Wonder Girl – all together.  But he’s back, and still hasn’t really made his presence known at all.  So I’m hoping we see that remedied soon.
  • Kid Flash – Bart is another favorite of mine, who was also ruined temporarily by Infinite Crisis.  Aged beyond his teen years and made the Flash, but then it was announced “We want Wally back.”  Can’t have two Flashes can we?  Despite this rule not staying true when Barry Allen returned, when Wally came back Bart had to be disposed of, and in front of all his fans he was depowered and brutally murdered by the Rogues.  Returning with Conner in Final Crisis, he also hasn’t done much to make himself known, so seriously, let’s see that happen soon.
  • Wonder Girl – I hate to make it look like I’m siding only with the sidekicks on this one, but I kind of am.  Despite several years of Cassandra being annoying as hell (especially in 52) she’s still become the central character of Teen Titans, what with being the leader.  After all, if it can’t be Robin and it can’t be Cyborg, might as well get the daughter of Zeus to lead the charge.  The only problem is that her character, even now, is still too all about her relationship with Superboy.  Even in his absence, even in the embrace of Robin, all she could think about was Superboy.  And now for some reason there’s a little spat between her and Conner… for no reason I can decipher.  She’s a pain, but I feel she’s important.


  • Beast Boy – I usually love Gar, but there’s some problems.  1) He’s at least 20 at this point, meaning he’s no longer a teenager.  Not usually a problem, but still, I feel the book kind of really needs to be the TEEN Titans right now.  2) Gar is such a whiny bitch nowadays.  Because Raven doesn’t love him, and he isn’t leading the team, and no one takes him seriously, and he might as well be a much less interesting Booster Gold.  Normally I’d side with the dude that has green skin and turns into animals, but I’m just not into watching a once-jokey, lighthearted hero now shouting at everyone else every second.  Screw that noise.
  • Raven – Raven’s problem is that it’s always the same with her.  She gets possessed, or she’ll be kidnapped to another dimension.  Sometimes both at the same time.  And that’s about it.  I get that she’s essentially the daughter of the devil (Trigon) but that’s not enough to make her character interesting.  She needs to not be the focus of goals to be accomplished on the Teen Titans to-do list.  Fighting Trigon to save Raven, fighting Raven’s half-brothers to save Raven, fighting the Wyld to save Raven, fighting Brother Blood to save Raven…. it just never ends.  She’s the witch on the team.  Let her do other magic things.  Team her up with Zatanna or something.  Make her fight dragons.  Do something new.
  • Ravager – I understand a lot of people like Ravager.  Not me, not that much.  I started out kind of interested in Ravager until it became evident that she was just supposed to be the Wolverine character.  The killer, the one who wants to be on the team but the leader doesn’t trust so they then say “Well screw you, I’m taking off.”  She should be really interesting being the daughter of Deathstroke, who is the Titans’ worst foe.  There’s a lot that could be done in conjunction with Raven, but the chances of it happening are slim, and I just don’t care enough.
  • WHO IT’S MISSING – Well, besides needing to put Red Robin on the team to round out the Young Justice Four, the removal of Blue Beetle, Static, Aquagirl and Miss Martian seems so damn pointless.  What I find weird is that all these non-white characters were dropped.  Not claiming that there’s anything behind it, but it is a little suspect, you have to admit.  I just miss the Teen Titans actually being friends.  Remember when they were friends?  I miss that.  Oh, and I don’t care that they got rid of Bombshell.  Screw Bombshell.

Seriously, I just would like them to choose a team and stick with it.

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