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Every Time I Die – From Parts Unknown

etid - from parts unknownIn an interview on Marc Maron‘s excellent WTF podcast Dave Grohl said something like “there’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure. If you like something you like it.” I’ll admit I thought I was over hardcore music like this a while ago. The days of liking an album put out by a band on the Warped Tour were behind me (I just found out Every Time I Die is on the Warped Tour). Apparently those days are not over.

It’s almost unfair to lump Every Time I Die in with most other Warped Tour bands though. While it seems like most of the other bands are competing in terrible hair contests and trying to sound like everyone else that might play the tour, Every Time I Die has evolved their sound without falling into flavor of the month trends. They’ve held true to themselves and been a great band throughout.

This album is pretty great. It mostly rocks, pretty relentlessly. It makes for an excellent work soundtrack if you hate your job, or your boss, or both! I listened to this for almost a week straight at work. Well, this and another recently released album I’ll try to write about soon. Even when it does briefly relent it’s still great. If you have or have ever had an affinity for hard rock bands with generally fast/crunchy riffs and can tolerate yell-y/scream-y vocals give this a listen(It’s not even really that scream-y. The singer doesn’t sound like cookie monster at all on the album, nor has he ever).

Then, if you like this album, From Parts Unknown, give their previous album Ex Lives a listen as it has a similar hard rock sound.


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