This Week In Spam – Episode 5

Solidifying my reasons to hate promising things unless they’re already done, I said I would do This Week in Spam yesterday and was unable to. Better late than never I suppose.

Here are the 10 best spam comments we’ve received in the last two weeks. The comments aren’t altered unless to remove a link.  The post the comment was left on is mentioned if it makes it better.

#10 on I’ll Pop on That

Great synopsis of commenting and how to very well written and all that link love you just poured out, great post, if this was a forum you would have a sticky on this.

#9 on Lantern Rings…That Light Up

If you’re still on the fence: grab your favorite earphones, head down to a Best Buy and ask to plug them into a Zune then an iPod and see which one sounds better to you, and which interface makes you smile more. Then you’ll know which is right for you.

Thanks for the tip.

#8 on Sci-Friday – SyFy Hates Sci-Fi

That is excellent, my son really loves star wars lego and consistently bugging me over it – your site has cleared a few of my queries. Time for additional browsing!

I love the enthusiasm that a positive sentence punctuated with an exclamation mark conveys. This was also one of the rare Sci-Friday posts where I didn’t mention Star Wars at all.

#7 Here’s two for the price of one

Representation Danger,remember arrive addition skin cost often half teaching aircraft so yeah match spend enable citizen step important cost fuel resource context activity expectation damage critical behaviour cover appearance move terms fine observe overall currently ship mistake either my injury union significant style place all desk tomorrow passage flower educational defendant love ancient far gather gate husband fair communication complete combine bottle wood move withdraw tiny these wine contract mean away survey attach section close initial flow guide environmental private second legal will observe separate require admit for

Current Become,follow show public leaf reading this pick plastic care fear otherwise collect twice easy please assembly begin make tiny most remind cheap announce contact appoint maybe before fully repeat body travel detailed allow short risk media settle strategy know yet movement considerable cut present consideration eye view book exist track difficulty media burn student home both game outcome strike may appearance catch high widely charge secretary far holiday programme although birth approve instance army victory fail in yard rather modern suggestion derive over per today ground

Two more that I dare you to try and make sense out of.

#6 on A Call to Arms

- I cant hear anything.

I could understand if this was on a music based post or something with a video, but it’s not.

#5 on Webcomic of the Week – MS Paint Adventures

Everybody got to use caution whenever modifying cell phone. I messed up my iphone the other day when i had been unlocking it simply because energy blinked and my desktop died within the middle of procedure. Boy was I upset! Well, Nice blog site with ton of helpful information. I enjoyed reading through it.

Remember people, pray the energy doesn’t blink when unlocking your iPhone. Thanks for the info.


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#3 on An April Fools Joke That Shouldn’t Be

Praise God for all He is doing. Thanks!

I could see if this was on the post about Catholic TV going 3D, but on a post about a Bayonetta video?


You are a gem.

Simple, yet hilarious.


bandana! your site is really one of a kind! Last night my brother bing recommended another great page practically filled with game-torrents for games for PC viva barcelona!

This wins this episode simply for the fact that it uses the word “bandana” like some sort of awesome catch-phrase level greeting.

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