I Am A Super Inventor!

In Alphas 6th episode Summer Glau played Skylar, a genius Alpha inventor that had some shady combat boot wearing men with guns hot on her tail the entire time. It’s a chase!

The people who are after her are NSA thinking that the Cerebro-like device she built, that can find anyone, is going to be used by her to orchestrate some sort of terrorist attack.

Gary’s mother is trying to keep him home after the last episode where he was shot.


  • Skylar’s ability is amazing. It has to be my favorite out of any one so far this season. She can build crazy technological devices very quickly out of basic components.
  • The story reminds me of Chuck in the sense that the government is trying to keep this person who they feel could be dangerous in the wrongs hands under their watch.
  • After four episodes where she was virtually non-existent Bill’s wife is suddenly an important character? I wasn’t even sure if he was married before she came in.
  • Did I ever mention I hate the theme song to the show? This is probably as good a time as any.
  • What does Hicks do this episode that’s awesome? He throws a coffee mug at a guys hand and knocks a gun out. It’s dazzling stuff.
This episode wasn’t bad. It was actually probably one of the better “one and done” episodes this season. I would LOVE to have the ability Skylar had.
In the end though, it was just a little too cheesy, and if Dr Rosen keeps going against the government’s wishes, they’re going to have to crack down on him soon.


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