It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Pop Pop: The Final Solution

In the season 8 premiere of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, entitled “Pop-pop: The Final Solution”, we find the gang centered around the impending death of Dennis and Dee’s Nazi grandfather, Pop-pop. It’s up to the siblings to decide whether or not to pull the plug, with Frank, Charlie, and Mac trying to figure out how to best spin things to their advantage.

The gang is immediately joined one of their nemeses, the lawyer, who has the job of executing the paperwork for the plug pull. Dee, at first, seems uninterested in pulling the plug, with Dennis considering the upsides. They head to a dog pound to figure out if they can actually watch something die by picking out a dog to be euthanized (working at the pound is their good…”friend”…Rickety Cricket, essentially as a “dog janitor”). When they find out they cannot stomach it, they head to Pop-pop’s apartment and discover what they thought were going to be summer camp videos from their youth…and turn out to be Neo-nazi indoctrination camps run by Pop-pop and others.

Frank is begging them to not pull the plug yet, because he wants to find Pop-pop’s hidden treasure that he is sure exists. Charlie tells Mac about a painting he was given by Pop-pop, and Mac believes it is an original Hitler painting that they can garner money and fame from.

The episode rolls along from beginning to end with a couple great twists in a fantastically dark fashion, finding itself as one of the strongest installments of the series in a long while. This was a great start to hopefully another great season for the gang.

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