Strong Punch to the Cineplexus – Killer Elite, Machine Gun Preacher, Moneyball

This week we have a movie based on a true story, a movie based on a true story, and a movie based on a true story. Check below for the recommendation.

Killer Elite

Jason Statham has just killed some guy that Clive Owen knows, so Clive Owen kidnaps Robert DeNiro, who Jason Statham is close to. It’s going to be stupid fun action.

Machine Gun Preacher

Gerard Butler plays a criminal that decides to turn his life around by helping kids in Africa. I kind of feel like this is a drama disguised as an action film.


A movie about the Oakland A’s changing the way management looked at building a baseball team.


Pick of the Week : I LOVE a good action movie, but Moneyball just looks like the best put together movie this week, and because of that I have to go with Moneyball.

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